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This is the legend of Kounan kingdom.
A legend from long, long ago. (x)

Artist: Ayumi Miyazaki
Track: "Brave Heart"
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Artist: Koji Wada 和田 光司
Track: "Butter-fly"
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I’ll become a happy butterfly, and ride on the glittering wind
I’ll come to see you soon
It’s best to forget the unnecessary things
There’s no more time to be fooling around

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New Digimon Adventure anime coming Spring 2015 X


finishing a series but still being attached to the story and its characters



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I am a Magical Girl


Ohhhh what if the Crystal Doges met the Sailor Mews?? That’d be wiiiiild…



Important reminder: Everyone on the internet is a real person.

Go read this. It’s really important.

Be kind to one another.

Pretty much the only decent buzzfeed article Ive seen in forever

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People are like, “You’ve gotta cut your hair.” They get so upset. They’re like “cut your hair, cut your hair.” And then all the people who defend me, they’re like, “Do what you want, man. He’s his own person.” I’m like, this is a lot of conversation about hair. This is too much, too much passion.

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Hello! My name is Audrey and I’m 27 years old. I’ve suffered from extreme agoraphobia since I was 14 years old. Thousands of dollars have been poured into various doctors and therapy over the years and I’m still stuck in the same house, in the same place I’ve always been. The time for more intensive treatments came awhile ago but I cannot afford them. I’ve tried to raise the money by opening my own craft business, by getting a full time job, by selling a giant chunk of everything I own - but bills continue to come and I can barely make a dent in this by myself and my family has crossed the poverty line awhile ago.

We need help. I need help.

What my condition is all about;
If you don’t know what agoraphobia (mine is an incredibly rare, severe case) is, it’s a mental illness that limits your ability to go places. I don’t mean “I can’t travel”, I mean I can’t even go check the mail in my front yard. I’m consumed by panic and anxiety nonstop. I’m on medication. I’ve been in therapy for over a decade and this has all only managed to take the edge off. I was also diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder. It’s come to the point where suicidal ideation is a constant. I feel like a constant war is raging inside of me and I need help.

What do I need money for?;
Continued therapy. More intensive therapy treatment. Boston University offers a One Week radical, intesive treatment plan that is supposed to cure, or at least drastically improve your condition. I would be spending 20 hours a day with a psychologist for one week. The problem is that it’s in Boston - I’m in Miami. This treatment costs $3,700, is not covered by insurance, and that price does not cover the cost of airfare, hotel, or food. It also does not cover the cost of the therapy I will need have to even get on a plane to get there. The bulk of the money will go to prior and continued therapy after the treatment ends.

Read more about my struggles on my blog, here.
If you would like to donate via PayPal, here you go.

I would not be asking for a single dollar if this wasn’t urgent.

Thank you so much for reading and for checking out my page! I will update this site & my blog with progress. Again, thank you so much.

Please spread the word if you feel so inclined. I desperately need this. Thank you so much. It’s incredibly hard to ask for help, it comes with great vulnerability and guilt. Am I even worth helping? This is a question that plagues me but the answer is yes, I have every right to fight for a life worth living, without suffering every second of the day. 


Posting this again. I really desperately need some help and support. I’m not asking for frivolous junk or donations to fund my ~dream~ endeavor, I wouldn’t be posting this again if it weren’t absolutely necessary. This is my life. This is my health. I need help. If you can’t help, please spread the word. It would mean so much to me

Each week of intensive therapy that I need costs at least $250 bare minimum. The $3,700 I’m asking for only covers the treatment I’d be receiving in Boston. I can’t even afford just regular therapy. I can’t express how dire this is for someone who is in constant various states of panic and is constantly thinking about suicide. I feel incredibly pathetic and I hate myself for this. That I work two jobs but between bills and having to help my family out, I don’t get to save a fraction of what I’d like. I’m just exhausted and need help. :(

I hate myself for reblogging this again but I haven’t been able to have a single therapy session in weeks. It’s pretty urgent and I don’t know what to do. Spread the word if you feel like that’s something you’d want to do? :(





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